Strange but True: New York City: Tales of the Big Apple

Paperback / softback
Uncover some of the Big Apple's most bizarre news items--classic strange but true stories that reached the and finally sections of news reports worldwide. Included here is the story about the man who kept a tiger and an alligator as pets in his Harlem apartment; the latest call-out service, whereby thrill seeking New Yorkers can arrange their own kidnapping experience; and the adventures of an NYC postal worker who mailed himself to his parents in Dallas to skimp on the fare home. Also featured are little-known facts about life in the big city, such as the antiquated law against leaving a mannequin undressed in a shop window (although it's legal for Macy's to sell used underwear). From incredible anecdotes and eccentric stories to news of the weird, Strange But True: New York will amuse and inform in equal measure.