Straight to the Pointlessness: A Christian Account of Life and the Universe

A powerful riposte to atheist claims that Christians are merely puppets in God's hands, celebrating the God-given freedom which lies at the heart of faith. Despite the barbs of Dawkins et al, many people today are still open to faith, but Christianity too often seems both limiting of personal freedom and fraught with intellectual and moral difficulties. If living for God's glory gives purpose to life, are human beings merely pawns of God? Mark Hart shows that in fact freedom lies at the heart of the Christian faith. We are not puppets, justified by being a means to an end, but players, called to enjoy God's own gratuitous life, based on mutual self-giving; and this cannot be imposed: we can only find God, and find life, by finding each other. From this foundation of God's freedom, the author constructs a comprehensive overview of Christianity without avoiding deep and difficult questions. Drawing significantly on the writings of Archbishop Rowan Williams, he powerfully demonstrates that the whole Christian story is simply the working out of God's truth that only with and through each other can we become free.