Story Workshops: Talk for Writing, Ages 7-12

Story Workshops is a practical manual to help teachers of junior classes to focus on the key aspects of developing children's storywriting. The book presents a series of essential writing workshops full of creative ideas and fun activities. It also offers a range of advice including how to set up and run an effective workshop and how to monitor NLS links. Workshops focus on capturing stories, characterization, creating settings, skilful paragraphing, writing in a variety of genres from myths and fables to adventures and science fiction, and writing style. New to this edition * DVD containing extensive footage of various workshops run by Pie Corbett and other teachers during days filming at Penn Wood School in Slough * Expanded creative contexts around each story * Drama exercises * Reading as a reader exercises * Reading as a writer exercises - drawing on classic literature * Shared writing projects * Additional advice on teacher feedback and pupil to pupil feedback * Children developing story telling * References to the PNS will be removed and new pedagogical features with teacher 'hints and tips' will be added throughout * Increased emphasis on reflective practice * Appendices updated to reference new UK government focus on phonics