Stop the School Bus: Getting Education Reform Back on Track

How to put school reform initiatives back on track From one of the largest organizations of public school principals, this book exposes many misguided school reform initiatives that are negatively impacting students and educators across the country, and recommends ways to make them more effective. Veteran educator Gerald Tirozzi addresses all the hottest school reform trends including: charter schools, teacher merit pay, Race to the Top, Common Core State Standards, and more. While some reform efforts are bringing about positive change, Tirozzi argues, many make egregious promises, lack a research base, fail to address the needs of students and educators, and utilize a smoke and mirrors depiction of success. * From NASSP, the leading association of U.S. public school administrators * Offers solid, actionable ideas for getting school reform back on track * Tirozzi is former Assistant Secretary of Elementary and Secondary Education under President Clinton This passionate, engaging book is filled with specific recommendations as to how each of the reform initiative presented can be improved upon and can lead to more meaningful school reform.