Stone Canoe: A Journal of Arts, Literature and Social Commentary, Number 6

Paperback / softback
Stone Canoe Number 6, the 2012 edition, contains the work of over 100 artist and writers, emerging and well known, with ties to Upstate New York. Now called a journal of arts, literature and social commentary, Stone Canoe has expanded its range to include articles on technology, film, video, and music, as well as its traditional focus on poetry, short fiction and nonfiction, drama and visual art. A team of distinguished editors from a variety of fields collaborate on Stone Canoes 400 pages of content. Highlights of the current issue include a tribute to esteemed poet Larry Levis; interviews with Elliott Fisk and Tony Trischka, both master musicians with Upstate roots; a new play by New York playwright Kenneth Lim; a profile of award-winning documentary filmmaker Bob Bilheimer; forty color pages of visual arts, and a superb collection of stories, poems and essays. Additional rich content is available at, along with e-book versions of the current and all past issues.