Stay Tuned Student's Book for 4 eme

Stay Tuned is a comprehensive English course written by a team of experienced Cameroonian education specialists for French-speaking students. The course integrates the communicative approach with the tried and tested approaches of traditional language teaching. This series is divided into three components; Students' Book and Workbook, and Teacher's Guide. The content revolves around themes that are based on the needs of the Cameroonian child whilst also being relevant, realistic and topical. The text is reinforced by colourful illustrations, mostly done by Cameroonian artists, which depict scenes familiar to the Cameroonian child. The course contains a lot of writing, speaking, reading and listening activities that provide students with an opportunity to practice their newly acquired skills. The Teacher's Guide, also contains useful tips that guide educators to effectively teach English as a second language. The series is also designed to impart to the students various life skills and encourage social awareness.