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Take statistics from the printed page and make them come alive! STATLAB Online is an online laboratory that allows students to actively participate in classic behavioural experiments by gathering and analyzing their own data. Students are guided through the analysis of their data to demonstrate different statistical techniques in a meaningful way. Students and their instructor can also analyze data generated by the whole class. By working with their own data, STATLAB Online provides a new way for students to appreciate the relevance of statistical analyses for understanding human behaviour. STATLAB Online has been developed by Gregory Francis and Ian Neath, creators of the popular CogLab Online Laboratory for Cognition and Research Methods courses (Wadsworth). Watch a video demonstrating the features of STATLAB Online The twelve labs included in the November 2011 release are: - Frequency Distribution: Speeded Reaction Time - Percentile Rank: Sense of Humour - Central Tendency: Horizontal Vertical Illusion - Standard Deviation: Weber's Law - Correlation: Lexical Decision - Confidence Interval: Air Traffic Control - Standard (z) Scores: Memory Span - One-Sample T-Test: Ebbinghaus Size Illusion - Two-Sample T-Test: Judging Faces - Two-Sample T-Test: Emotional Stroop Effect - Two-Sample Hypothesis Test for Proportions: Levels of Processing - One-Way ANOVA: Judging Abstract Art For more information contact us at