Starting Your Career as a Theatrical Designer: Insights and Advice from Leading Broadway Designers

Paperback / softback
The book features conversations with ten award-winning and current Broadway designers: five set designers, four lighting designers, and one projection designer. The primary focus of the interviews is to discuss the business aspects of the theatre world as opposed to focusing on the artistry of their particular craft. Students are exposed to great training while they attend college and graduate school, but very few have had the opportunity to work professionally in the commercial setting. The information the designers share is invaluable to the understanding of how designing in the commercial theatre is different than designing in an academic setting or not-for-profit theatres. Although the interviews were individually tailored to each specific designer's experiences and skills, the primary areas discussed remain consistent. Each chapter includes images ranging from designer sketches, finished drawings, technical plates of drafting, photos of scale models, storyboards illustrating multi-scene productions or unique lighting looks, and photos from Broadway and regional theatre productions.