Stanislavski in Practice: Exercises for Students

Stanislavski in Practice is an unparalleled step-by-step guide to Stanislavski's System. Author Nick O'Brien makes this cornerstone of acting accessible to teachers and students alike. This is an exercise book for students and a lesson planner for teachers on syllabi from Edexcel, WJEC and AQA to the practice-based requirements of BTEC. Each element of the System is covered practically through studio exercises and jargon-free discussion. Over a decade's experience of acting and teaching makes O'Brien perfectly placed to advise anyone wanting to understand or apply Stanislavski's system. Features include: * Practical extension work for students to take away from the lesson * Notes for teachers on how to use material with different age groups * Exam tips for students based on specific syllabi requirements * A chapter dedicated to using Stanislavski when rehearsing a text * A glossary of terms that students of the System will encounter