Staining of Facades

Facade staining is a centuries-old building defect that is globally widespread. Millions of dollars are wasted annually for its rectification. A stained building looks old and worn-out, diminishing the value of the property and the confidence in occupying it. The facade's durability may also be affected by staining. Despite these wide and varying downstream implications, facade staining can actually be foreseen and prevented if conscientious efforts are made at the building's planning and design stages.This book provides insight into the underlying causes of facade staining and proposes an approach to address the root of the problem. It aims to raise awareness of crucial factors that should be understood and considered in the prevention or minimization of facade staining, hence reducing resource wastage in unnecessary maintenance work.Staining of Facades will serve as a useful guide for students as well as practitioners in related professions such as architecture, engineering, building, real estate, and project and property management, in their efforts to minimize the life-cycle costs of buildings.