Staff Development Guide for the Parallel Curriculum

'This guide provides clear, intelligent support for teachers and administrators to explore the possibilities that the Parallel Curriculum Model brings to educators and students, and to translate those possibilities into action in the classroom' -Carol Ann Tomlinson, William Clay Parish Jr. Professor of Education University of Virginia 'In my experience teaching graduate students about the Parallel Curriculum Model, I am always looking for a variety of ways to expose them to the intent of each parallel. This guide is an invaluable resource in helping us talk about and practice the model. The varied examples and practical lessons offer fantastic building blocks to use in my work with teachers!'-Jennifer Beasley, Educational Consultant, University of Virginia Complementing the best-selling second edition of The Parallel Curriculum, this all-inclusive facilitator's guide is an indispensable resource for anyone planning, designing, or conducting curriculum development training on the Parallel Curriculum Model. This easy-to-use workbook offers step-by-step instructions aligned with the content of the core book. Staff developers will learn how to support training sessions to help educators design and implement curriculum along four parallels. Ideal for facilitating book study groups, seminars, and professional development events, the book provides: - A complete training program of 53 workshops, including 12 workshops per curriculum parallel - Scripts, agendas, activities, sample classroom scenarios, handouts, and transparencies - Tools, resources, and strategies for designing curriculum across the four parallels Staff Development Guide for the Parallel Curriculum is an essential handbook for leading professional training that results in enhanced teacher expertise and a multidimensional, high-quality curriculum that challenges all learners.