Springsteen: Saint in the City 1949-1974

Bruce Springsteen, the son of a prison guard and a secretary from small town America, has gone from being a shy, introverted loner to one of the most written about, most recorded and most recognisable musicians in history. His rise to fame has been documented in such minute detail that it would seem impossible that any further information could be added to his life story. But the story is not complete. In fact, it is not nearly complete. Craig Statham's biography of Springsteen's formative years, from his birth in 1949 until a career changing interview with a university magazine in 1974, encompasses unique stories about his family life, early musical successes and struggles, his dedication to attaining his ultimate goal, and his drive towards musical perfection. Based on in-depth research and interviews with those who were intimately connected to Springsteen's life and career - including ex-managers, friends and band mates - and a cutting analysis, Springsteen: Saint In The City, 1949-1974 offers a unique insight into the early life of one of rock's greatest performers. To understand Bruce Springsteen's songs, you need to understand what shaped the man