Sports Stretching for Athletes at All Levels: Maximize Your Flexibility and Reach Your Athletic Potential

This book features customized programs for running, biking, basketball, tennis, football, baseball, volleyball, and more. Easy-to-use, affordable and helpful, this book presents stretches that will help any athletes improve their game by increasing their flexibility and range of motion - from guys playing basketball after work to women playing tennis at the club and kids who participate in a weekend football league.Everyone who plays a sport has at some point had someone show him or her some stretches. Unfortunately, most gym teachers, school coaches and personal trainers don't have the expertise in sports science needed to provide what this book offers - perfectly tailored stretching programs for 30 different sports. Combining an encyclopaedic section of over 200 stretches with easy-to-follow, sport-specific programs, Sports Stretching for Athletes at All Levels is the ultimate tool for achieving maximum flexibility. Each stretch is explained both anatomically and in terms of on-field performance, showing readers the direct path from working the stretch to increasing flexibility to raising one's level of play. By targeting the specific stresses placed on the body by each sport, the carefully designed stretching programs are highly effective, yet require surprisingly little time during warm-up and cool-down segments.