Spirit of the South

*Best Books of 2014* New Zealand Listener *Best Books for Christmas (2014)* North & South The South Island of New Zealand is unlike any other place on earth, celebrated for its majestic landscapes, picturesque lakes and rivers, and epic mountain ranges. Spirit of the South, a stunning tribute to the mainland, showcases its visual grandeur like never before - all through the extraordinary scenic photography of Andris Apse. Arguably New Zealand's most acclaimed landscape photographer, Apse has honed his craft over an illustrious career spanning more than three decades. Nobody sees the South quite like him. Complemented by essays from Alison Ballance, Anton Oliver, Fiona Farrell and Kennedy Warne, Spirit of the South's photography is drawn from a wide body of Apse's work: his latest shots, his personal favourites and the very best from his expansive archive - much of it previously unpublished. An exquisite, truly collectible piece of publishing, Spirit of the South is a book to savour, to give and to treasure.