Spirit of the Dragon, China: Through the Eyes of a Foreign Teacher

Paperback / softback
'Spirit of the Dragon' is a book about a number of extraordinary events which took place in China for the author, Elizabeth Parry. Over a period of years, Elizabeth discovered China and her exceptional people. Through her teaching and life in China the author discovered herself and her purpose in life. Daring to question her faith in God, she allowed events to unfold, and waited for work to come to her. Throughout this period of time she encountered several miracles for which there was no earthly explanation, and while confronted with challenge after challenge, Elizabeth began to initiate different projects and programmes - each of which were taken over by the Chinese people themselves, following her initial instigation. Adhering strictly to the Chinese culture, Elizabeth never voiced any mention of God, Christianity or indeed miracles, but the presence of all three filled her life and her work. During the writing of this book 'Spirit of the Dragon', the author had no intention to publish, but again it happened. Elizabeth slowly discovered the true spirit of the Chinese people who shared her life so closely. In her own country Wales, she remembered the dragon that features largely on the Welsh flag. In certain respects it shared similar focus and meaning. In China, Elizabeth felt the two dragons become symbolically entwined - one in the East and the other in the West. The author's intention is to discover the true spirit of the Welsh dragon. This will be her next book and she is ready for the call to begin.