Special Edition Using Microsoft Office Excel 2007

Special Edition Using Microsoft Office Excel 2007 will ease the upgrade path to the lastest version of Microsoft best-selling spreadsheet program. The author, Mr. Excel introduces you to the new interface, allowing you to quickly get back up-to-speed in performing your job, and will then introduce the powerful new features available in Excel 2007. Among other skills, you will learn how to create amazing data visualizations using conditional formatting and in-cell data bars. This is the only book you need on Microsoft Office Excel 2007! Excel 2007 is the biggest, most exciting release of Excel ever. This book's straightforward approach explains the most important features of Excel 2007 in a thorough, easy-to-understand format. Further, it clearly compares older versions of Excel with Excel 2007, which makes for a seamless transition to this newest version of the program. It is a must-have desk reference for today's business professional. -David Gainer, Group Program Manager, Microsoft Excel THE ONLY EXCEL BOOK YOU NEED We crafted this book to grow with you, providing the reference material you need as you move toward Excel proficiency and use of more advanced features. If you buy only one book on Excel, Special Edition Using Microsoft(R) Office Excel(R) 2007 is the book you need. Does your life play out in a spreadsheet? Do numbers in columns and rows make or break you in the work world? Tired of having numbers kicked in your face by other Excel power users who make your modest spreadsheets look paltry compared to their fancy charts and pivot tables? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Special Edition Using Microsoft(R) Office Excel(R) 2007 is the bookthat will make it all better. Learn quickly and efficientlyfrom a true Excel master using the tried and true SpecialEdition Using formula for success. Here, you'll findinformation that's undocumented elsewhere-even inMicrosoft's own Help systems. You'll learn from finelycrafted, real-life examples built by an author who livesand dies by the integrity of his spreadsheets. Excel's backbone is its formulas and functions. Master those and you will master your spreadsheets. Special Edition Using Microsoft Office(R) Excel(R) 2007 provides more down and dirty help with your formulas and functions than you'll find in any other book! See how it's done in real life! Don't settle for lame pivot table and chart examples found in other books...This book provides beautifully detailed examples that not only show you how it should be done, but how to be the local worksheet hero! CONTENTS Introduction I Mastering the New User Interface 1 Introducing the Ribbon User Interface ...21 2 The Quick Access Toolbar ...41 3 The Mini Toolbar and Other U.I. Improvements ...53 4 Keyboard Shortcuts ...65 5 Galleries, Live Preview, and Themes ...87 6 The Excel Options Dialog ...103 II A Tour of What's New 7 The Big Grid ...121 8 Fabulous Table Intelligence ...131 9 Visualizing Data in Excel ...153 10 Using Pivot Tables to Analyze Data ...191 11 Formatting Pivot Tables ...215 12 Pivot Table Data Crunching for Excel 2007 ...237 13 Removing Duplicates and Filtering ...271 14 Sorting Data ...287 15 Using Excel Charts ...299 16 Using SmartArt, Shapes, WordArt, and Text Boxes . . 327 17 Using Pictures and Clip Art ...351 III Working in a Legacy Environment 18 File Format Differences ...365 19 Working with Prior Versions of Excel ...371 IV Calculating with Excel 20 Understanding Formulas ...385 21 Controlling Formulas ...4 09 22 Understanding Functions ...431 23 Using Everyday Functions: Math, Date and Time, and Text Functions ...451 24 Using Powerful Functions: Logical, Lookup, and Database Functions ...525 25 Using Financial Functions ...587 26 Using Statistical Functions ...631 27 Using Trig, Matrix, and Engineering Functions ...735 28 Connecting Worksheets, Workbooks, and External Data ...797 29 Using Super Formulas in Excel ...823 30 Using Names in Excel ...841 31 Using What If, Scenario Manager, Goal Seek, and Solver ...863 V Formatting and Sharing Information 32 Formatting Worksheets ...891 33 Printing ...925 34 Sharing Workbooks with Others ...941 35 More Tips and Tricks for Excel 2007 ...949 VI More Power 36 Automating Repetitive Functions Using VBA Macros ...969 37 Interacting with Other Office Applications ...1005 38 A Tour of the Best Add-Ins for Excel ...1019 Index ...1025