Special Edition Using Microsoft Office Access 2007

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This book offers you comprehensive, information on using the new version of Access. Not only updated for the latest version, new chapters have been added on application automation with Access macros and collaboration with Microsoft SharePoint Team Server, both of which are hot topics. All chapters are updated for the transition from Jet to the new Access database engine. Detailed, step-by-step instructions with icons guide you through Access through table design, data addition, importing data from external sources, query design and execution, and designing data entry forms and printed reports. FM Introduction I Getting Acquainted with Access 2007 1 Access 2007 for Access 200x Users: What's New 2 Building Simple Tracking Applications 3 Navigating the New Access User Interface II Learning the Fundamentals of Access Databases 4 Exploring Relational Database Theory and Practice 5 Working with Access Databases and Tables 6 Entering, Editing, and Validating Access Table Data 7 Sorting, Finding, and Filtering Data 8 Linking, Importing, and Exporting Data III Transforming Data with Queries and PivotTables 9 Designing Queries for Access Databases 10 Understanding Access Operators and Expressions 11 Creating Multitable and Crosstab Queries 12 Working with PivotTable and PivotChart Views 13 Creating and Updating Access Tables with Action Queries IV Designing Forms and Reports 14 Creating and Using Basic Access Forms 15 Designing Custom Multitable Forms 16 Working with Simple Reports and Mailing Labels 17 Preparing Advanced Reports 18 Adding Graphs, PivotCharts, and PivotTables V Moving to Networked Multiuser Applications 19 Linking Access Front Ends to Access and Client/Server Tables 20 Exploring Access Data Projects and SQL Server 2005 21 Moving from Access Queries to Transact-SQL 22 Upsizing Access Applications to Access Data Projects VI Collaborating with Access Data 23 Importing and Exporting Web Pages 24 Integrating with XML and InfoPath 2007 25 Collaborating with Windows SharePoint Services VII Programming and Converting Access Applications 26 Automating Access Applications with Macros 2007 27 Learning Visual Basic for Applications 28 Handling Events with VBA and Macros 29 Programming Combo and List Boxes 30 Understanding Data Access Objects, OLE DB, and ADO 31 Upgrading 200X Applications to Access 2007 VIII Appendix A Glossary Index