Spain: Your Guide To A New Life

Spain has undergone an amazing transformation during the thirty years since the end of Franco's authoritarian regime. Tourists who visited the country before 1975 remember it as a stagnant society with high unemployment, lagging behind the rest of Western Europe. Since then, the country has emerged as a prosperous and flourishing nation, on par with the rest of Europe; attracting thousands of retirees and younger people from Northern Europe, who have made a conscious decision to come to Spain, not just for the climate but for a better lifestyle. Spain is different with its climate, laid back lifestyle and cheaper cost of living. A nation with the most crowded dwellings in the EU, overdevelopment and inept urban planning. People who smoke and drink more than any others in the EU, eat at the most ungodly hour, yet who enjoy a high life expectancy, low birth rate and are privileged to have one of the best health systems in Europe. Its idiosyncrasies make Spain a fascinating place. Spain: Your Guide to a New Life looks at Spain's history, culture and customs. It is a book for foreigners at work, rest or play - enjoying retirement, taking a long term break or seeking employment. It covers: the birth of a nation; international affairs; the economic miracle; overdevelopment; corruption; Madrid train bombings; diverse cultures, diverse languages; pros and cons of life in Spain; employment; getting the facts on retirement; how Spain deals with 50 million visitors each year; knowing the essentials for a new life; buying a property; food and drink; traditional culture of old Spain and the culture of New Spain; arts, literature, music and architecture; travel and communications; and anecdotal tales. Contents: 1. Modern Spain 2. International affairs 3. Internal Affairs 4. Looking back 5. Diverse cultures, diverse languages 6. Why go to Spain? 7. A roof over your head 8. Employment 9. Getting the facts on retirement 10. 50 million vistors each year 11. Knowing the essentials for a new life 12. Buying a property 13. Food and drink 14. Traditional culture of old Spain 15. Cuture of New Spain 16. Getting out and about 17. Arts, literature, music and architecture 18. Shopping experience communications 19. Travel 20. Communications 21. What they don't tell you in the guide books