Sowing Justice, Reaping Peace: Case Studies of Racial, Religious, and Ethnic Healing Around the World

Paperback / softback
What happens when Catholic social teaching is taken to heart? Sowing Justice, Reaping Peace offers a contemorary analysis of the roles played by groups and individuals in responding to many of the major social conflicts of the second half of the twentieth century. Michael Duffey offers a contemporary analysis of people and events and synthesizes the mountain of materials devoted to single conflicts or issues to give a serious, detailed look at how Catholic social teachings are lived out in times of crisis. Sowing Justice, Reaping Peace explores nine recent and/or ongoing social issues and struggles from around the world, giving historical background, analysis of the conflict, pivotal events, and the role of local churches and individuals in overcoming injustices and resolving conflicts. The thread running throughout the book is the examination of the religious motivations of those who have struggled for peace and justice. These are the stories of individuals and movements whoe faith has helped forge social and political change that heals the wounded.