The South China Sea Disputes and Law of the Sea

South China Sea Disputes and Law of the Sea explores in great detail the application of specific provisions of UNCLOS and how the framework of international law applies to the South China Sea. Offering a comprehensive analysis of the individual topics and their application to the South China Sea region, each chapter of the book provides a substantive and rigorous investigation into the history, development and application of the relevant legal principles. It is written within the global context so that lessons learned from this exercise will have global implications. Contributors include former judges from ITLOS, legal advisors to States who participated in the negotiation and drafting of UNCLOS, as well as outstanding scholars of both law and geography, many of whom have acted as counsel or experts in cases before international court and tribunals. This important book provides neutral and objective analysis of law of the sea issues of relevance to the South China Sea and will therefore prove a valuable resource to Government officials and policy-makers from the ASEAN countries, Australia, China, Japan, Korea and the United States. It will also be of special interest to political analysts with an ongoing interest in the legal issues pertaining to the South China Sea region in light of concerns regarding conflict, challenges to freedom of navigation and access to resources.