Sounds Like Fun: Activities for Developing Phonological Awareness

Spiral bound
This activity book seeks to help students develop a greater awareness of the relationships among phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics. Primarily for classroom teachers of students grades 3 through 8, this book features activities, jokes, and riddles to increase students' metaphonological and phonological awareness, as well as enhance their thinking skills and mental associations. Sound Effects: Activities for Developing Phonological Awareness is a research based activity book used to increase metaphonological and phonological awareness for students. Its goal is to improve students' comprehension, strengthen understanding, and enhance divergent skills and vocabulary. This book is targeted for classroom teachers of students from grades 3 through 12, but is most appropriate for upper elementary through middle school grades. With clearly written objectives and instructions, it is a great resource for special education teachers, general education teachers, and speech pathologists. Sound Effects aims to enhance students' thinking skills and mental associations through demonstrating the relationships among phonology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics. The activities, jokes, and riddles that are featured throughout the book help enhance skills that are needed to manipulate and demonstrate understanding of the sound system of the English language. It can be used with the entire group or in one-on-one sessions. Activities can be done in any order and educators are provided with answer keys. It is appropriate to use with ELLS, students with learning disabilities, struggling readers, and typical students.