Soul Moon Soup

Paperback / softback
Phoebe Rose dreams of becoming an artist. But the only person who encourages her is her father, and suddenly he's gone, ripped away like a page from a book. Phoebe and her mother are forced to live on the streets, dragging a suitcase with all their belongings from soup kitchen to soup kitchen, trying to get by. Homelessness nearly crushes Phoebe's spirit and nobody notices when she stops drawing. When the last worse thing happens, Phoebe's mother sends her to live with her grandmother at Full Moon Lake. Though she misses her mother, Phoebe uses the much needed time ad space to discover an inner strength that allows her to feel at hone, to feed her soul, to sustain herself anywhere she goes. When her mother returns for her, Phoebe must decide whether to go back to the city or stay in the one place that has allowed her to find herself.