SOS: A girl's guide to Sex, Optimism and Surviving the 21st Century

Everything a girl needs to know and forgot to ask. So you're a modern woman who thinks she knows everything there is to know. You may have a career, your own place to live, white goods and several pairs of impractical shoes that could possibly cause bunions in later life. Hold it right there. Just because you know more than your mum about networking, the latest fashions and safe sex, that doesn't mean that you know all about survival in the 21st Century. For instance, do you know how to throw a punch? Buy an apartment? Ask your boss for a raise? Get a flight or hotel upgrade? Act if your credit card is rejected? Fix a washer? And, one of the most important questions of all, do you know how to get a great haircut every single time? If you answered no to any of the above questions, then you must never leave the house without a copy of SOS: A Girl's Guide to Sex, Optimism and Surviving the 21st C. Jam-packed with hilarious yet essential tricks and tips, this must-have guide will ensure that you're the savviest chick in town.