Social Theory: From Classical to Modern Theory: Volume 1: From Classical to Modern Theory

The organization of this popular social theory reader, which pairs classical articles with contemporary theoretical and empirical studies, highlights the historical flow of social theory and demonstrates how disagreements and confrontations shape theory over time. Written in clear, down-to-earth language, the introductions to each selection link theorists to one another, illustrating how theoretical traditions are not rigidly separate but are always in conversation, addressing and challenging each other. Volume I: From Classical to Modern Theory includes an enhanced selection of readings by classical theorists, a newly-translated selection from Machiavelli, and re-organized chapters to better capture historical-contextual periods. As well, new contextual and biographical materials surround each reading and each chapter includes a study guide with key terms and innovative discussion questions and classroom exercises. The result is a volume of readings that offers instructors flexibility in how they approach teaching, and students an affordable and accessible introduction to the most important classical social theorists.