Social Competence Intervention Program (SCIP): A Drama-Based Intervention for Youth on the Autism Spectrum

SCIP is a 16-session, drama-based intervention for youth ages 8-14 on the autism spectrum. The authors blend current research from neuropsychology and information from the field of creative drama to help students accurately perceive and respond to nonverbal aspects of social interactions, such as facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice. Program sessions are divided into three parts: input, integration, and output. Input--the basic perception of social cues. Integration--how to put social cues together. Output--how to respond appropriately to others. Students are asked to participate in process dramas and take on roles that explore various outcomes. During role plays, students learn to divide complex social interactions into sequential parts, discuss the emotions involved, and act out a variety of possible responses. They also learn practical skills for dealing with teasing and understanding complex social cues. An accompanying CD of all the reproducible forms and student handouts is included with the book.