Smart Big Moves: The Secrets of Successful Strategic Shifts

No company, however successful, can coast happily along forever doing more of the same. In today's fast-moving business world products can become obsolete almost as soon as they hit the shelves; tough competition can emerge from new regions of the world; and company structures and processes can become a block to progress rather than a platform to success. Businesses must be able to make the big strategic changes needed to keep up. This is not an ordinary business book. It uses the fictionalised story of the ups and downs of a real company to show you how best to respond to the big challenges every company -- be it a huge multinational or a small start-up -- faces from time to time. Using this unique format, the book shows you how to make smart big moves that will keep you ahead of the game and help you avoid risks and pitfalls. It explores both business decisions and the human issues involved in making strategic shifts. Smart Big Moves will help managers to make smarter decisions about the change programmes they embark on.