Small Claims Court Guidebook

Win in Small Claims Court This book is designed for you, the business owner.You are more likely than most to either become a defendant in a small claims case or need to bring a small claims case to court. The goal of this book is, quite simply, to help you win.Whether you're going to court to pursue or defend an action or making a demand for payment, there are many steps you can take to achieve the end result you want and we'll review them in detail. We cover: Evaluating your case through research and consultation Preparing your case, including identifying free preparation programs Procedural matters and their impact Pre-litigation maneuvers including settlement techniques, negotiation techniques and drafting final demand letters Identifying the proper parties to lawsuits Preparing, drafting and filing a complaint Organizing and gathering evidence and witnesses Delivering the most effective testimony Sample Forms and Documents on CD-ROM! Debtor's Order of Examination Debtor's Statement of Assets Bad Check Demand Letter Letter by Defendant to Plaintiff in a Collections Matter Plaintiff's Demand Letter Post-Judgment Demand Letters Settlement and Compromise Agreement Trademark Infringement Demand Letter Satisfaction of Judgment Form Small Claims Continuance Form Writ of Execution Form Complaint Form (CA) Subpoena (CT)