Sleepover Girls on Horseback (The Sleepover Club, Book 11)

Series: The Sleepover Club (11)
Paperback / softback
The Sleepover Club is 'Friends' for 7-9 year olds! A group of girls, each with their own forceful personality, who have sleepovers at each other's houses, laugh, gossip, plot revenge on their deadly enemies, the M&Ms, and always manage to find themselves at the centre of trouble. In 'Sleepover Girls on Horseback', the girls start a campaign to save their local riding school. After various disastrous attempts at fund-raising, they arrange a stable fun day which, for timid Fliss, becomes a never-to-be-forgotten experience! Three new titles in a series which has already captured the imagination of girls everywhere. The first ten titles in this highly successful series have been serialised in 'Girl Talk'magazine. More titles follow! SLEEPOVER GIRLS ON HORSEBACK