Sketch of Venetian History: An Illustrated Story

Accompanied by beautiful and fantastical hand-drawn illustrations, A Sketch of Venetian History tells the story of the rich and fascinating history of Venice that will serve as the perfect travel companion for anyone visiting the historic Italian city. The narrative, beginning with the rise of Venetian Republic, provides readers with a deeper and wide-ranging understanding of the city and its history. It traces the early ecological formations and first settlements and conflicts in Venice, and then outlines how the city adapted to become a dominating, maritime empire. The book continues with fascinating descriptions of the citys subsequent defiant decline and decadence during the Venetian Rococo period, all the way to the citys modern day struggles with tourism and pressing environmental concerns. This book highlights Venices unique cultural, artistic, scientific and naval contributions. It brings to light the famous figures that graced the citys historic bridges and canals, interspersing these stories with important Italian and Venetian phrases particular to the citys history. Featuring original, hand-drawn, black and white illustrations to complement details of the Republics extensive past, A Sketch of Venetian History tells a beautiful story to accompany anyones journey to Venice, and serves as a beautiful souvenir.