Sizzling Sixteen

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It's summertime in Jersey and all across the land It's time for Summer Reading and working on your tan. But no vacation can start or go off without a hitch Unless you've packed your bag with the latest Evanovich. Yes, it's time for Stephanie and gang to get up to their old antics With Grandma, Lula, Connie too- Mrs. Plum, she will be frantic! See, someone wants to kill Vinnie. Who? The list is long And Mooner returns to brighten our day complete with his favorite bong. And Lula's involved in a Ponzi scheme Stand back! You know she'll be pissed While Stephanie's chasing a dangerous skip He thinks he'll never be missed. With Ranger days and Morelli nights (Or perhaps it's the other way 'round) This sixteenth Stephanie Plum adventure Will wear the blockbuster crown. So grab some donuts and Cluck-in-a-Bucket And get ready for grand-scale fun! Number sixteen is a sure-fire bet For bestseller lists: number one!