Singular Perturbation and Hysteresis

This book unifies many important recent developments in the analysis of singular perturbation and hysteresis phenomena in an accessible and comprehensive fashion. In April 2002 at University College Cork in Ireland, the editors conducted a workshop to provide a forum for experts to share their interests and knowledge. For this book, the editors have compiled research from those practitioners in areas such as reacting systems, semiconductor lasers, shock phenomena in economic modeling, and fluid mechanics, all with an emphasis on hysteresis and singular perturbations. A basic introduction to hysteresis and singular perturbation theory is included, with simple examples from both physics and mathematics. Later chapters address: applications of hysteresis to economics; various aspects of the asymptotic theory of singularly perturbed systems; typical problems of the asymptotic theory of contrast structures; and the geometrical approach to an investigation of models with singular perturbations and hysteresis.