Single Family Dwellings

Paperback / softback
Sam Goodrich is the marketing manager for Sunnyvale Homes, which is facing bankruptcy. To raise capital, its owner orders Sam to sell its premier site at one-third the usual price. He also reduces quality and does not tell his son, who serves as vice president. He finds out from Sam and berates his father, and Sam is fired for exposing the scheme. Seething with anger at his dismissal, Sam vows to destroy Sunnyvale. He establishes a building cooperative that goes into competition with Sunnyvale and inhibits their sales. Unbeknown to Sam, his actions place his life in danger, for Sunnyvale has become partners with the SPG Bank of New York, a Mafia-controlled private institution. The bank, through a company called Ostler Holdings, launders huge sums of money through Sunnyvale but Samas successful company begins to threaten their investment and they seek to neutralize the threat and take over the company.