Simulation of Materials Processing: Theory, Methods and Applications: Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference, NUMIFORM'98, Enschede, Netherlands, 22-25 June 1998

Incorporating numerical methods, mathematical modelling, phase changes, and all forms of chemical and industrial shape manufacturing, this book considers the different treatments, theories and methods involved in materials processing. Contents: Numerical methods (Hybrid methods; Inverse methods; Parallel computing; Explicit/implicit integration; Solution methods; Meshing (adaptive remeshing; Optimization; Eulerian/Langrangian formulation; Contact algorithms); Mathematical modelling (Constitutive equations; Evolving microstructure; Phase changes; Damage, fracture; Contact and friction; Thermomechanical coupling; Free surfaces; Steady state problems; Residual stresses, springback; Chemical reactions, mixing); Industrial applications (Bulk forming; Sheet forming; Casting, molding, quenching; Polymer processing; Powder forming; Machining; Joining; Thermal processing; Chemical processing; Surface treatment; Food processing).