Silent Racism: How Well-Meaning White People Perpetuate the Racial Divide

Important [because] it addresses white folks who see themselves as `not racist.'...This is a group that has been sorely understudied....Highly significant. -Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, Duke UniversityThe candid voices and confessions of nonracist white women heard in this book reveal that all individuals harbor some racist thoughts and feelings. Trepagnier uses vivid focus group interviews to argue that the oppositional categories of racist/not racist are outdated. The oppositional categories should be replaced in contemporary thought with a continuum model that more accurately portrays today's racial reality in the United States. Vivid and engaging, the new edition builds on the ideas in the original book by illustrating how silent racism operates in the workplace. A new chapter offers evidence that increasing race awareness in well-meaning white people is critical to increasing racial equality.