Sigrid Undset in America: An Annotated Bibliography and Research Guide

1928 Nobel Prize winner Sigrid Undset is the only Norwegian woman to have been awarded the prestigious prize for literature. Her medieval novels, which follow the lives of common people in the Middle ages in Norway, and her later works that deal with contemporary and social issues, were well received in the United States. Kristin Lavransdatter became a best seller, earning a position in the Book of the Month Club-a remarkable feat for a work that centers on a small country in the Middle Ages. There is no biography in English on Sigrid Undset, which makes this annotated bibliography so important. In one chapter, Maman has created a guide to the autobiographical information in Undset's own works. Much of the literature which is included in the bibliography has never before been put together in this kind of format. American reviews of the author's books, grouped by style of novel, internet resources, dissertations, as well as recent studies in Norwegian, comprise this comprehensive look at one of Norway's most important authors. Ideal for English-speaking researchers.