Siegfried Sassoon: The Journey from the Trenches 1918-1967

The eagerly awaited volume II of Jean Moorcroft Wilson's masterful biography of Siegfried Sassoon now launched in paperback; Where most veterans of the Great War returned home traumatised by the carnage in the trenches, Siegfried Sassoon had received recognition for his superbly vivid poetry and the bravery both on the battlefield and back home. In rapid succession, he had numerous homosexual affairs: none of them ultimately satisfying. Yet he also started on his great trilogy of anti-hero novels, Memoirs of a Fox Hunting Man, Memoirs of an Infantry Officer and Sherston's Progress. Jean Moocroft Wilson continues to impress with the eagerly awaited second volume of her definitive biography of Sassoon. Showing how a homosexual poet came to define heroism not only during the war, but even more so after the war until now, she has unearthed many new facts about Sassoon.