Showing Secrets

Winning showing classes is an art and a science - a magic mixture of talent, experience and hard work. In a unique format this book collects advice, tips and salutary lessons from some of the most successful performers on the showing scene. Share the secrets of big names such as Lynn Russell, Kate Moore, Robert Oliver and Julia Woods. Find out how to choose the right horse or pony and how to produce it to perfection. Learn how to feed, school and turn out your potential star so that you maximize your chance of heading the line. Just as important, make sure that your horse is kept happy, healthy, and in top-class condition. Is that hairy 4-year-old a potential star? What sort of bridle should you use? How do you catch the judge's eye for the right - not wrong - reasons? How do you master the art of ringcraft? How do you produce winning mountain and moorland ponies? These and many other questions are answered in a definitive and entertaining guide that will appeal to any showing enthusiast.