She is But a Woman: Queenship in Scotland 1424-1463

She is but a Woman , the first in-depth study of medieval Scottish queens, investigates the relationship between gender and power in the fifteenth-century Scottish court. Fiona Downie explores the art of queenship as practised by Joan Beaufort (d. 1445) and Mary of Guelders (1433-1463), queens of James I and James II. Their arrivals in Scotland, their social and political roles, their relationships with their husbands and families and their roles within international diplomacy are examined in detail here for the first time. The reigns and experiences of Joan Beaufort and Mary of Guelders demonstrate the importance of royal marriage as an instrument of medieval politics and diplomacy. She is but a Woman situates Scottish royal marital alliances within the context of the European marriage market and provides a new perspective on Scotland's political, social and cultural links with Europe in the fifteenth century.