Shaping Minds: A Discourse Analysis of Chinese-language Community Mental Health Literature

Mental illness is an increasing concern of government health services across the globe. It is timely, therefore, that community education about mental illness is subject to discourse analysis. Shaping Minds explores how the psychoeducational message is presented to Chinese-speaking audiences in China, Taiwan and Australia. The book uniquely examines community education materials in a language rarely examined by discourse analysts, but which is nevertheless spoken by around a fifth of the world's population and constitutes an important 'minority' language throughout the Western world. The book identifies the discursive features that characterise the Chinese-language texts and analyses them cross-culturally, highlighting the impact of cultural traditions, political systems and dominant conceptions of society. These insights into how Chinese-language community health pamphlets and handbooks are positioned to shape the minds of readers will engage both discourse analysts and mental health professionals providing services to Chinese-speaking communities across the globe.