Sexual Politics: An Introduction

An exciting new textbook introduction to contemporary sexual politics. This book offers an exploration of the theoretical approaches to the study of gender and sexuality, and a critical appraisal of contemporary debates within and between some of the main sexual politics movements. The arguments are illustrated with case studies that demonstrate the ways in which gender and sexuality have affected the political and public policy agendas in the UK in recent decades. The book is unique in drawing upon three research areas: feminist theory, lesbian and gay studies, and critical studies of masculinity. Queer theory and post-feminism are critiqued and the author argues that the battle for sexual diversity must encompass the fight against male domination and gender inequalities. Sexual Politics: An Introduction will be an ideal text for students of politics, sociology, gender studies and cultural studies, and anyone with an interest in gender and sexuality. Key Features: * Unique - combines work on sexual politics from feminist studies, lesbian and gay studies, and men's studies * Accessible - illustrates theoretical approaches with up-to-date case studies * Contemporary - covers up-to-date debates within feminism, post-feminism and queer theory * Shows connections between gender politics and the politics of sexuality