Sexology Uncensored: The Documents of Sexual Science

Sexology Uncensored brings together, for the first time, many of the key documents of the modern science of sexuality that emerged in the late nineteenth century. The early pioneers of the new field of sexology examined and classified sexual behaviours, identities and relations. For years much of the material here has been censored -- difficult to obtain, subject to restrictive circulation, or available only in medical archives. This volume offers readers access to the primary materials on which contemporary sexology is founded and, as such, it is an invaluable record for all those interested in how we have come to think about sex and sexuality over the last one hundred years. The extracts in Sociology Uncensored (which date from the 1880s to the 1940s) are organized thematically: gender and sexual difference; homosexualities; transsexuality and bisexuality; heterosexuality; marriage and sex manuals; reproductive control; eugenics; race; and other sexual proclivities. This book will be essential reading for researchers, teachers and students interested in the history and study of sex and of great interest to the general reader.