Settle Conflicts Right Now!: A Step-by-step Guide for K-6 Classrooms

This book was written primarily to provide primary school teachers with the tools to help students resolve their own conflicts, regardless of their ages, sex, or ethnicity. Children can attain the skills needed to handle basic conflicts found in a variety of social situations, without resorting to verbal or physical aggression. The authors have designed this book specifically for use in classrooms and schools, although the principles can be applied in a variety of settings, including homes. This is a conflict resolution programme that teaches a technique individuals can apply to resolve conflicts before, during, or after they occur. Through the use of simple cognitive skills, individuals can focus on resolution so the problem will not recur. This unique method of conflict resolution can be applied by both younger and older children, guiding them toward seeking a solution to their problem without the intervention of others. Additionally, this programme was designed to help make conflict resolution easy, practical, fast, and effective in the classroom.