The Theory of Multinational Enterprises: The Selected Scientific Papers of Alan M. Rugman: Volume 1

Alan Rugman is recognized as one of the leading scholars in the field of international business and his ideas have been extremely influential. The Theory of Multinational Enterprises is the first of two volumes of Rugman's key contributions to the field of international business. The articles in this volume explore aspects of multinational enterprises and apply the theory of internalization to North America, Europe and Japan. Rugman's theoretical approach is extended further as the analysis is related to research on networks and strategic alliances. Included in this volume is a unique and compelling perspective on the development of the field of international business over the past twenty years. Rugman provides the reader with insights into both the intellectual and personal history of the papers. This book is considered vital reading for both academics and policy makers interested in the relationships between multinational enterprises and governments. Together with its companion volume, Multinational Enterprises and Trade Policy, it will improve acess to the work of Alan Rugman, one of the most influential scholars working on trade policy and the multinational enterprise.