See and Learn Speech - Putting Sounds Together

Mixed media product
Putting Sounds Together is the second step in the See and Learn Speech program - a step-by-step series of resources specially developed to help children who have Down syndrome develop clearer speech. The guidance and resources also highlight the strength that children with Down syndrome have for visual learning, using this strength to help support their weaker speech skills. The Putting Sounds Together step provides the resources and guidance to give children with Down syndrome practice at blending sounds together. Many children with Down syndrome can produce sounds in isolation, but find it more difficult to blend from one sound to the next. This step provides sound cards and picture cards to practise producing meaningful combinations of sounds. The Putting Sounds Together pack contains: a guide book including detailed instructions for each of the activities in this step, a book of record sheets to track progress through the activities, and a set of specially developed sound cards and picture cards.