Secrets of Personal Mastery: Advanced Techniques for Accessing Your Higher Levels of Consciousness

What conceptual states do you have and never leave home without? What attitudes do you seem to take everywhere you go? Do you tend to think optimistically? Do you tend to see the dark side of things? What this book enables you to do is to access your executive levels and take charge of your mental-emotional programming. Treating mind as an emergent process of our entire mind-body-emotion system, this work teaches you that it is not so much what you are thinking that controls your destiny and experiences, but how you're thinking - your frames of reference determine your experience of life. To bring you personal mastery, this publication leads you through various thought experiments that work upon your executive mind powers. As you partake in these processes you enter into the higher management of your own mind at all its levels, and that should prepare you for the ultimate development of excellence - accessing your personal genius.