Alan Stoob: Nazi Hunter: A Comic Novel

Alan Stoob, hero of this hilarious novel has been described as a new member of the great pantheon of British comic characters - genus awkward old bastard - that already includes Mr Micawber, Mr Pooter and Captain Mainwairing. Originally a Twitter sensation, whose fans include India Knight and Dara O'Brien, he now walks the pages of this book finding Nazi conspirators in the most ordinary surroundings. Alan Stoob is a retired policeman who worries about his piles, suspects his wife had an affair with Henry Cooper and is outraged when people wastefully use A4 sheets to photocopy A5 documents. Into this very ordinary, domestic setting comes world famous Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal, who invites Alan to take on responsibilities for hunting Nazis in hiding in the county of Bedfordshire. Alan agrees and finds that wherever he looks he sees evidence of Nazi conspiracy and he begins to follow a trail of evidence that leads him to members of the UK Cabinet and even the President of the United States. 'Alan Stoob and its hero are laugh-out-loud funny...the human story at the heart of the diaries charting Alan's failing marriage and his relationship with his depressed fortysomething son is tragically comic amid the increasingly surreal plot. ' - The Times