Seabirds of the World: A Photographic Guide

This pocket-sized guide, now back in print in the United States, is unprecedented in its concept of illustrating photographically the more than 321 species of seabirds in the world. It comprises an exciting collection of over 740 seabird photographs by more than 300 of the world's leading seabird photographers and researchers. The majority of these photographs have never been published before, and include pictures of some of the rarest and most enigmatic birds in the world - species such as the recently discovered Amsterdam Albatross, the Chinese Black-headed Gull, the Relict Gull, and the near-extinct Short-tailed Albatross. Of special value are the flight shots of some of the most difficult-to-identify groups of birds. Seabirds of the World represents easily the largest and most complete collection of seabird photographs ever published. It is complemented by a highly readable and succinct text intended to aid identification in the field.