Scythian and Thracian Antiquities

The Scythians were nomads who roamed the Steppes of Russia during the first millennium BC before settling in the region to the north of the Black Sea, where they came into friendly contact with Greek traders. Their distinctive 'Animal Style' art is of a kind that is widespread in central Asia. The Thracians occupied the lands to the north of the Aegean now forming part of Greece, Turkey and especially Bulgaria. This book focuses on the contents of rich Greco-Scythian and Thracian burials in Ukraine and Bulgaria: six Scythian tombs from Nymphaeum excavated in 1868 (a Greek colony in the Crimea) - gold jewellery, silver plate, pottery, armour and weapons - together with the previously unpublished contents of a princely Thracian burial found at Dalboki, east of Stara Zagora in North Central Bulgaria, in 1879. In both cases, our knowledge of interaction between Greek and native cultures is greatly enriched.