Scots Law Times: 2004 Bound Volume

* Paper service: 40 paper parts + two bound volumes* Full service: 12 CD's 40 paper parts* CD Service: 12 CD's, issued monthlyScots Law Times is the only law reporter containing coverage from every Scottish court, civil and criminal, from the Sheriff Court to the House of Lords, in a single service.Since 2000 the Scots Law Times reports are prepared entirely by a specialist legal team working on screen with the court opinions downloaded from the Scottish Courts web site. This combination of expertise and technological capacity means that fully edited, high quality reports of leading cases can be published very shortly after a decision is issued.In addition to over 1,400 pages of law reports each year, Scots Law Times includes a news section which also contains topical articles, reviews of all the latest publications, case commentaries and new rules of court and practice notes as they are made.The various Scots Law Times subscription packages are available below. Current and new subscribers seeking further information on the options available to them should contact their direct sales executive or call Greens direct on 0131 225 4879.Scots Law Times reports from 1930 onwards are also available on Westlaw UK Scots Law. Cases from 1893 are scheduled to be added in early 2003.For further information please go service 540.00Comprising weekly parts and bound volumes consolidating issues published in the year. A 50% discount on this service is available to trainees, students and lecturers.Additional paper subscription 210.00Subscribers to the full service or the paper service can have an additional paper subscription, excluding bound volumes, delivered to the same address at the above rate.Full service 727.00 + VAT re CD*Comprising weekly parts and a monthly CD update.CD service 465.00 + VAT*Comprising monthly CD releases.*1. An additional charge will be made for each lawyer in the organisation in excesss of 20.2. There is an additional (one-off) charge of 300.00 plus VAT in addition to the basic charge. This charge will not be applied to subscribers to SLT CD 1893-1998.