Science of Earth Systems

Science of Earth Systems, Second Edition is designed to introduce the new scientific discipline of Earth System Science to secondary school students. This new area of collaborative research is a combination of all the scientific disciplines into one body of knowledge. This book brings together in one volume, the interactions that occur in the living and nonliving world. Whether learners are studying the earth sciences, agriculture, earth system science, or environmental science, this book provides an understanding of the physical and biological processes that exist on our planet. Science of Earth Systems introduces the processes that occur on our Earth by dividing the planet into five unique spheres: the exosphere, lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere. Together these five spheres cover all the principal interactions between the Earth's physical and biological properties that make our planet unique. An overview of all of the principle physical, chemical, and biological systems that occur on the Earth, and how they are altered by human activity is included. Science of Earth Systems was written to meet the National Science Education Standards developed by the National Academy of Sciences for the Earth and Space Sciences, and can be easily aligned with Earth Science-related standards and curriculum taught throughout the United States